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Our Process

Our process begins when you Contact Us. From that initial phone conversation we will ask a few questions to help determine your project needs and wants. The next step is to schedule an Initial Consultation and start the design process.


Once scheduled, you will meet with our head designer on site, Julie Garner, to discuss your ideas, budget requirements and dreams for your project.


After the Initial Design Consultation, a Sitework appointment will be made. During this time on site calculations will be taken making notes of utilities, easements, trees, grade changes and other obstructions. This information is key to the Final Design.

Once the scope of the project has been determined, a design contract will be prepared detailing the area(s) of the project, suggested materials to be used and estimated costs. Two rough plans will be presented giving you multiple design options helping to determine your design style and preferences.

Initial Design

Final Design

The master plan(s) and design will be presented and agreed upon. These plans will detail additional information on plantings & specifications, materials to be used and all other costs for the project.


Once the final design has been completed and priced accordingly, installation can begin. Each project's installation is scheduled and may be completed in phases. Once project begins we do not leave the site until completion. During the installation there will be on-going project meetings any changes and modifications can be made to meet your needs at any time. These may be subject to additional work orders.

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